In the Fur

The Diary of a Wookiee far from Home


Chewbacca is a 200 year old Wookiee who comes from his homeworld of Kashyyyk. He enjoys Wookiee cooking and Starship repair and has a loving family awaiting his return from his trips with long time friend, Han Solo.


Space Slugs and Star Destroyers

So as it may happen, the cave we hid in turned out to be a Space slug. Well after the Princess spotted what we later decided was a mynock and we went outside to investigate, Hansolo decided to test a theory. He was right. So after a quick escape from a Space slug's gullet and after what little I repaired we flew back into the fray. With TIE fighters waiting for us we turned full about and charged right at a Star Destoryer, we finally lost them by convincing them we had jumped to hyperspace.

So now here we are, limping along in space with no functioning hyperdrive, not my fault, and heading towards Bespin to see Landocalrissian. It's dark and quiet in the ship as we slowly move along and I have said it before but I have a bad feeling about this.


Hide and Seek but with Explosions


It has been a trying time for all of us. It was not long ago we were still on Hoth and now we are playing hide and seek in an asteroid field with Star Destoyers. I'll go over the story from where I left off.

After the Rebels found my friends Hansolo and Lukeskywalker, they we were reunited with us at the Echo Base. Lukeskywalker had hurt himself badly in the snow and by one of the ice creatures, I believe we started calling them Wampas, and he had to be rushed to the medical bay. I recall watching with the Princess Leiaorgana as he was dipped into a large tank of bacta. I do not like bacta, it is much to sticky and causes my coat to get into knots when it dries. Friend Lukeskywalker was soon recovering the bay when we decided to visit him. I had arrived with friend Hansolo and he and the Princess soon began to argue and the Princess kissed Lukeskywalker, it made Hansolo very jealous and I could not help but laugh. To which he replied, "Laugh it up, Fuzzball." I quickly silenced since I did not have a decent comeback.

Later that day we picked up the signal of an Imperial Probe droid that had to be hunted down by myself and Hansolo. We search in the snow and quickly found it. I decided to distract it first being the brave wookiee, that and my gun froze. Wookiee bowcasters were not meant for the cold Hoth temperatures. I poked my head up from behind a snow drift and howl a battle cry. It turned towards me and fired Hansolo hit it from behind and to my surprise it exploded! It caused me to get momentarily depressed. I had wanted to fire a round or two at the droid at least. Hansolo figured that it must've had a self-destruct code. We trudged back to base in the cold snow and reported to the commanders. We also gussed that the Empire would be here soon with the destruction of their droid and the pictures it took of me.

I knew the only reason the Empire would show was because of this handsome Wookiee. A battle ensued, a battle that I was not able to take part in because Hansolo had negleted his duty to help me several times in repairing the ship. So I was stuck in a last minute bid to repair the ship while the base collapsed around me. Well to wrap it all up nicely we escaped at the last second from the Darthvader. That's right, the Darthvader. They sent him to bring me in. So we got off of Hoth and none too soon, only to run into the problem of a non fuctioning hyperdrive. So now after a chase through an asteroid belt we end up here in a dank cave. Well I have repairs to finish and Hansolo has requested I take the "Professor" in back to have him speak with the ship.