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The Diary of a Wookiee far from Home


Chewbacca is a 200 year old Wookiee who comes from his homeworld of Kashyyyk. He enjoys Wookiee cooking and Starship repair and has a loving family awaiting his return from his trips with long time friend, Han Solo.


Shows what you know

After my escapede with the strange ghost of a small human child, my friend HanSolo told me to stop being such a "Big furry baby" and get back to working in the hanger. Today I did something about it. I did some research with the droid C-3PO and figured out that while we don't know if anyone planned to colonize Hoth we sure don't know where this base come from and the whole place has an odd smell.

Well today I did something about it. While staying completly alert and brave I...ok I was hiding under the boarding ramp and waiting. Anyway I waited around for the ghost child to appear and tell me what to do. The small human girl appeared and I reluctantly approached her. She smiled at me and my fear seemed to drift away. She then pointed to the wall and I felt the urge to run away again when she moved through it, but I stayed and tried to force the wall down. A construction droid trottled over to me and requested that I stop removing the wall of the hanger. I promptly picked him up and tossed him across the bay.

It took a bit and a couple droids being tossed across the bay before I managed to break through and part of me wished I had not done so. I was not prepared for the sight that awaited me. Behind the wall was sitting one of these large Ice Creatures that had recently been responsible for the killing of a few Tauntauns and around it were piles and piles of bones and most looked like human ones. The girl appeared again and pointed to the roof of the cave which hung more skeletons. The creature spotted me and promptly charged, I was unarmed and hastly decided to grab a large stelagmite on the cave floor. I hurled it at the beast and the awesome flow of life in the galaxy must have guided my hand. The beast went down and shook the cave as it hit the floor.

He did manage to scrape me before he fell and I suddenly felt it. I decided I would visit the medical wing after I followed the ghost girl again and she pointed to a shining piece of metal on the cave floor covered in ice. I broke the ice and picked it up, it was a small metal bracelet and clearly belonged to the girl. She waved to me and smiled then was gone. No one I am sure will believe this story but I know that it happened and the bracelet proves it, shows what everyone else knows. No such thing as ghost eh?


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Hi Chewie!
Your blog rocks! It's so mean of Han Solo. Did anyone tell you you have the most beautiful eyes? Send me an Ewok,

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