In the Fur

The Diary of a Wookiee far from Home


Chewbacca is a 200 year old Wookiee who comes from his homeworld of Kashyyyk. He enjoys Wookiee cooking and Starship repair and has a loving family awaiting his return from his trips with long time friend, Han Solo.


No Such Thing As Ghosts?


Hoth is still very cold and I am not enjoying its climate. Today I am recovering from a strange sight. I have been to the lower forests of my homeworld and have faced great fears, but this morning I am not proud to say that I locked myself into the hold of the Millenium Falcon.

My story is as follows: While tooling around with the hull and landing ramp of the Millenium Falcon my ears perked up at the sound of a voice. A hollow sound, much like that of a human girl. I turned and looked around but there was no one in the hanger but me. I continued to work when I heard the sound again, this time when I turned around out of the corner of my keen eye I spotted a small human girl. I blinked and when I looked again she was gone.

Now, it brings me much joy when I remember that I was alone in the hanger because I screamed like the aforementioned human girl. Hopefully my shriek was not heard by anyone because I am not always fond of ripping the arms from friendly beings and droids but should the need arise...that is I locked myself in.

It took quite some time before I was convinced to exit the ship's hold and was scolded by my friend HanSolo but he only learned of my story from the droid C-3PO, perhaps it is time that I removed his arms or perhaps reprogram him to believe he is a moisture vaporator. In the meanwhile I still have repairs that need to be done and I am not looking forward to leaving the's cold and I do not like small human ghost children.


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